We specialize at working with the Construction Industry.  We have worked with a variety of local Contractors. Architects, Roofers and HVAC Professionals.

Whether it be for tracking project progress or using aerial imaging to help with a specific project, we can help.  We are familiar with coming out to job sites in all types of locations and are proficient with getting the shots you need to help show progress to your clients or on your website.

The benefits of using UAV / Drone imagery for a construction project are many; the project executive may not need to visit the site as often because he/she has a much better idea of how the site is progressing.  The site managers don’t need to spend hours walking the site every day ― they can check it on the UAV / Drone imagery.  The construction company execs and the construction clients can more formally and neatly be updated on progress.

As you know, it’s important to communicate and collaborate with all interested members ― the people on site, the people off site, and the clients paying for the building ― and a UAV / Drone map is the quickest way is to show them what’s going on.  We also use UAV / Drone maps for measurements, such as the area of dirt moved, we can do quick equipment location and measure aggregate volume.  We can fly the site to give the people that aren’t on site an idea of how the earth-moving process has progressed and monitor the site over time.  In addition to the UAV site-map, we can also do a site video.  We also can produce 3D maps of the construction area and any structures.

Monitor & Track

Use aerial photos and videos to effectively monitor and track the progress of your projects .


  • High-Resolution Images
  • 4K & HD Quality Video
  • Easily Downloadable & Shareable Files

Gather Valuable Data

Geo-referenced orthomosaic maps can provide added insight into your work.


  • Easy Visualization
  • Demonstrate Reference Points
  • Current Features & Landmarks


Provide project stakeholders with visual evidence of your project’s progress.


  • Easy Visualization
  • Real-time Calculations
  • Easily Shareable & Downloadable


This is a great way to show progress to investors that your on track with your project or just to help promote your service.