Making Schools Safer for Students and staff with UAV’s in Surprise, AZ.

UAV’s used to observe & evaluate school fire drill in Surprise, AZ

UAV’s used to observe & evaluate school fire drill in Surprise, AZ

In Surprise, AZ Premier UAV Aerial is making schools and businesses safer for students and staff with the use of the latest UAV technology. 

Can you remember the days when you were in school and the fire drill bell would ring, everyone would start running outside, pushing and yelling? I do..  It was fun talking in line and horsing around with my friends, but times have changed.  Today safety has to be brought up to higher standards.  

Premier UAV Aerial has implemented a new safety program that would allow schools and businesses to evaluate how well their existing drills perform in the event of an emergency.  Giving them valuable insight from an aerial perspective.

Johnathan Smith, Director of Aerial Operations for Premier UAV Aerial, in Arizona, talked about how exciting UAV  technology has changed the way we look at safety.  Prior to this program it would taken one to two helicopters and four to eight people to accomplish, making it extremely costly and for some cost prohibitive.  Premier UAV Aerial utilizes the latest UVA technology to observe emergency drill practices to obtain an aerial perspective of how efficient your emergency procedures are carried out.

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