Real Estate Agents and Brokers Stop Paying for Listing Photos!

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Stop Paying for Listing Photos!

Would you like to get FREE professional Real Estate photography on your next real estate listing without a penny coming from your pocket? 

We know you would love to get professional photography work done for free, and this is how you can do that!

Premier UAV Aerial has a new program for Arizona Real Estate agents and brokers.  Premier UAV Aerial will come to your next listing and take inside Real Estate photographers without a penny coming out of your pocket.  We know you are thinking HOW is this true?

Premier UAV Aerial knows by using a professional service like us, we can help you sell your home faster and for more money. There are three main advantages:

  • Professional photography reduces days on the market by 32% on average.

  • Professional photography results in a higher sale price, about 5.25% on average.

  • Professional photography creates a higher perceived value for the property and the realtor.

So how is it FREE? 

Premier UAV Aerial created an association for a very limited number of Real Estate agents and brokers. 

The benefits of the association:

  • Premier scheduling of photography; this means that your service calls come before anyone else.  We put you to the top of the list and give you premier service. 

  • Premier Pricing; We put you on the premier pricing list which means you get discounted on all services. 

  • Premier listing Insurance; This is the big one. We come to your listings and preform professional photography work without a penny coming from your pocket, so if the listing does not sell, you are not out any money for photography....this is a win win; but if the listing does sell you will pay the invoice for the service out the proceeds of the commission check on the sale so it’s not really come from your pocket at all. 

To see exactly how our services can benefit you, we would like to become your partner.  No other professional photography firm in Arizona is doing this.  You pay $99 per year to become a Premier Member of the association.   You will get up to 12 listings per year for free.  We do not ask for a penny to come out of your pocket, and we do all the work.