REALTOR (Real Estate) Technology Survey

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Do you work more with *
If you work with listing (For Sale by Owners) what is some of the listing objections that you get on the listing presentation
Do you use Mac or PC? *
Pay for Photos only if listing sells? *
Do you like the option to ONLY pay for the listing photos if the listing sells? If the listing does not sell you pay nothing, would you like that option?
Lights on in Listing Photos? *
Do you like the lights on in the house or off for the listing photos?
Do you use aerial (Done) photos or videos with your listings? *
Which phone brand do you use? *


Thanks for helping us with the REALTOR (Real Estate) Technology Survey….. Please take 2 minutes and fill out the form below; By entering all the information in this form you will be entered into the contest to win the $100 VISA gift card and other free gifts..